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4×4 Off-Road Adventure, Ushuaia

Ushuaia “Tierra del Fuego” the southernmost city in the world, also referred to as “The End of the World”. Ushuaia is truly a paradise of Patagonia which rewards thousands of tourist especially hikers all around the world every year with its breathtaking landscape and most scenic hiking trails.

4×4 off-road is one of those adventures which you can’t afford to miss when you are in Tierra del Fuego. This adventurous drive will take you deep inside nature where others can’t even think off. I booked my adventure with Rayan Adventura via Antarctica Travels.

I wanted to do another tour called “The End of the World Train Tour” but Ms. Lorena from Antarctica Travels who was assisting me in my Patagonia package she insisted that I should go for 4×4 off-road and I must say her recommendation was awesome. Thanks a lot to her! 

With 4×4 off-road adventure you will witness Ushuaia’s many stunning views of the Southern Andes Mountain Ranges, Carbajal Valley, Paso Garibaldi, Lake Escondido, and Lake Fagnano.

My Journey!!!

One windy morning in Ushuaia, I was getting ready for my another thrilling adventure of 4×4 off-road in my hostel Torre al Sur. With lots of excitement in my mind and a cup of hot chocolate in my hand, I was eagerly waiting for my tour guide to pick me from my hostel. 

My excitement level was very high. Because after Lorena’s suggestion I did my research on google a night before and I found great reviews about the 4×4 off-road tour from many travelers.

Around 09:00 am my tour guide Mr. Mike with her colleague arrived at my hostel. Although I didn’t book the private tour, and just got lucky that no one else was there with me on that 4×4 off-road tour, so got the chance to enjoy the pleasure of luxury with extra attention hahaha so nice yeah! 

Before we left for the tour Mr. Mike briefed me about the tour itinerary and what I may expect during the day. He also brought up the Ushuaia map and showed me all the points of attractions. After a small briefing, we left the hostel around 09:10 am. Our first stop was Ushuaia port

We saw the port from the distance and got an overview of the port from the top Mr. Mike briefed me about the port and how it played a very important role in the country’s economy. After a brief information about the port, we headed up towards the National Highway. 

I must say, Ushuaia is blessed with nature, it’s a scenic beauty falling to both the sides of the road and very difficult to choose which side to focus more, every view was so picture perfect. Mr. Mike is such a kind-hearted human and he allowed me to take as many stops for capturing the beauty of Ushuaia in my camera without any complaint. 

After driving for an hour we stopped for our first meal of the day at a very beautiful restaurant run by two old couples in the middle of nature. Apart from the restaurant, the owner’s daughter is a certified ski trainer and during the winter she teaches skiing to the locals as well as to the tourist. Also, they have a Huskey breeding center runs all around the year. Isn’t it cool!!!

The café has many mouth-watering dishes to boost your taste buds. After spending a good amount of time chatting with the owners and listening to their inspiring stories I felt more motivated. I admire their passion truly.

After our delicious meal, we headed up towards the forest area. While going deep inside the thick wood forest Mr. Mike showed me some peculiar trees found only in the Patagonia region. I must say, he has a very good knowledge of the flora and the fauna of the region. All the information which he shared was very insightful. 

Going further deep inside the forest we reached the shore of Lake Fagnano. Although It was summer in Ushuaia during December the temperature was still under 15 degree Celsius, snow can be seen on the top of the Andes mountains and winds was still blowing very cold. But I don’t need to worry about the weather as Mr. Mike already has all the arrangements for the cold.

We decided to take a coffee break by the side of the beautiful lake Fagnano. He opened his jeep trunk, and it was his small kitchen inside. He made a hot chocolate for me, he and his colleague took a cup of coffee, and we all were enjoying our coffee break with the view inside the forest by the side of Lake Fagnano. “Amazing isn’t it!!!.” 

Argentinian government made a very good provision for the locals as well as for the tourists by making a designated BBQ stand & camping grounds where you can bring your things and can have a picnic over weekends. It’s a paradise for all outdoor adventure lovers.

While having our coffee- 

Mike asked me: Do you want to swim? 

Me: I said in this cold water you must be kidding man. Who wants to swim in this cold water? 

Mike: Laughed and said it’s summer here in Argentina my dear!

I smiled and replied: It’s ok if you want to swim. please go ahead. Let me enjoy my hot chocolate.

Mike: Okay you don’t want to go in the water, let me drive you in my jeep by the shore. 

Me: Again you must be joking?

Mike: Smiled again at me and said this 4×4 off-road and be ready for the real adventure. 

That was a real thrilling off-road experience and now I understand why they call this adventure 4×4 off-road. Mike with all his excellent driving skills, actually driving not by the shore of the river but inside the river. I still remember one big wave come and hit our jeep with the force and water splashed on the window making a loud sound.

Oh My God! What an amazing experience?. I never had imagined driving a jeep on the edge of the river before in my life. Although I drove quad bike many times on the beach even I took it close to the water but not like what I experienced during my 4×4 off-road adventure. It was something different and stunning. 

After having this thrilling experience now we were passing through the stunning beauty of Southern Mount Andes range and heading up towards the Chilean border. There are many breathtaking viewpoints and I couldn’t stop myself and had to tell Mr. Mike to stop for a while to capture the beauty of the Mount Andes in my lens. 

I am so thankful to Mr. Mike for being very patient with me and allowing me to take as many stops, I want, I love his attitude, about 30 mins uphill drive we reached the breathtaking view of the valley, where we can see Chile on the other side. The place is truly magical, and I am so glad that we spend over 30 mins there just admiring nature, feeling the breeze and all of us got lost in nature for some moment.

After spending a good amount of time with nature it’s time to return to Ushuaia city. On our way coming back, we pass through one small farm, where we saw some family preparing for the New Year celebration. Men are playing with the bulls, women are singing and dancing while few people busy roasting the meat and doing BBQ.

I requested him to stop for a while so that I can watch the celebration if possible. But I guess as per the tour policy he is not supposed to stop at any place which is not as per in the mention itinerary. But he decided to make a stop for me so that I can see a glimpse of the event and can feel the way Argentinean celebration. He is such a kind-hearted man. 

After watching the event we headed towards the last leg of our tour by exploring the real Argentinean lunch with wine. For lunch again we stopped at one restaurant which is run by two gentlemen in the middle of nature. We were greeted with welcome drinks and a very delicious Argentinean meal of that day. 

After having a fun-filled day with lots of memories, Mr. Mike dropped me safely to my hostel. It was an amazing day and apart from the regular tour packages in Ushuaia, I would highly recommend doing 4×4 when you are in Ushuaia. Trust me you will not regret.

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Keep Rocking, Keep Smiling, Keep Exploring, Stay blessed and Take care!!! 

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  1. Awesome experience, I’m sure the drive in water must have been really thrilling. How much did the experience cost?

  2. I envy you sagar for exploring and sharing n motivating all nature and adventure lovers including me.

    • Thank you so much for reading my blogs. Yeah I am just trying to take all of you to explore nature throught my post and pictures. Takecare and Stayblessed❤.

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