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Approaching The Seventh Dot With Pride!!!

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The pleasure of archiving the milestone of seven continents!!! Many wanderers across the globe are passionate about traveling the world. So far, my dream of traveling the world took me over many countries across six continents.

In all my past travel journey I meet many different souls, experienced many different lifestyles, mixed with different cultures, and have tasted many delicious cuisines from different parts of the world. I have learned many things and got inspired by my fellow travelers. I made new friends all around the world, and it’s been great until now. 

Traveling is the only thing that keeps me alive. I must say traveling is my full-time mentor and my passion for landscape photography always take me deep inside nature and believe me, because of that I started appreciating my surroundings more than before.

Why do I want to visit Australia?

This is the only continent left to achieve the milestone of “THE SEVEN CONTINENTS”

Australia always fascinates me with its massive landscape, beaches, and wildlife. Yeah, this will indeed add to my MILESTONE of achieving all the seven continents but my love towards nature and its wildlife tempt me more to visit Australia. 

Since my childhood, my love for Penguins, Polar Bear, Giraffe and Kangaroo took me to their places of origin (except Kangaroo). Being an animal lover, although I love every creature on our Planet Earth these four are close to my fantasy world… (hahaha)

So far, I got very lucky to see Penguins and Polar Beers in my Arctic & Antarctica Expeditions and living in Africa for the last six years I have already seen the best of wildlife. Therefore, Kangaroo’s are my next love to touch and feel.

Many fellow travelers are inspiring me to visit Australia every day, through their travel blogs and many beautiful pictures posted on the social media platform. There are thousands of Instagram photographs showcasing Australia’s beautiful landscape and its wildlife which tempt me to just book a flight for Australia. But there are certain things which are delaying me to plan my journey to this part of the earth. (Hopefully, I will make it soon)

Although I have not made any kind of a bucket list for Australia. There are several things which are inspiring me every day to visit Australia such as Lake Hillier, Opera House & Kangaroo being on my top priorities. 

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Lake Hillier: Thousands of photos on Instagram of this stunning lake inspires me every time to just pack my bag and go for camping by the side of this notable pink color water. Just imagine on one side you will see aqua blue color and another side is vibrant pink and in the middle of it is you camping under the night sky. Isn’t it an amazing feeling? Nature’s wonder lies in the Lake Hillier I must say our planet is full of the wonders, all we need to just explore them.

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Opera House is one of the greatest architectures of the 20th century completed on 20th October 1973. We must say, that was the beginning of the new architecture era. The building stands still today known for its perfection. Surely, Opera House will be on my top list when I visit Australia.

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Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia and are one of the main reasons to visit Australia. I always wonder how these beautiful animal balances on their large foot and can run and jump very fast. I watch many YouTube videos and all are so adorable and tempt me every time to visit Australia. To be honest, I just need one inspiration to visit any country or continent. Here I got three!!! Surely Australia is on my next pick.

Apart from these three major inspirations, there are many other things which I would be exploring once I visit Australia such as Blue Mountain, Sydney Harbor, Museums, Mountaineering, Hiking and Trekking in the up countryside. Myself being a foodie I heard Australia have lots of award-winning restaurants and cafes. Such as from the restaurant Apollo to the famous Saffron Indian restaurant and from Bennelong to the local Street food to boost anybody’s taste buds.

These are my major inspirations to visit Australia. Stay connected for my Australia Blog.

Disclaimer: – All the pictures are used in this post are sourced from the internet mainly from the Google Image.

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  1. Those are some of the things I would love to see too! wish you good luck and hope you see the 7th continent soon

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