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Iguazú Falls- Wonders of Nature.

Cataratas del Iguazú (Iguazu Falls) is a UNESCO World Heritage site also in the year 2011, declared one of the 7 wonders of nature.

Iguazu Falls are the largest waterfalls in the world can be seen from the two countries Argentina & Brazil. I have seen this most beautiful wonder of nature from Argentina’s side.

Park Information: – 

Iguazu National Park opens at 08:00 am and closes by 1800hr every day all around the year. You can buy the ticket online or can get at the park ticket counter. It is advisable to reach the park before 08:00 am not only to avoid the long queue but to spend a little more time with nature.

There are two major walkways to visit the Iguazu Falls National Park; Lower Circuit & Upper Circuit. Both the circuits offer visitors a spectacular view of the Iguazu Falls. Apart from these two major circuits, you can also visit La Garganta del Diablo (The Devil’s Throat), Green Trail, Macuco Trail & Arrechea Waterfall.

My Journey!!!

One early morning in Puerto Iguazu, I took a bus from the central bus station to Iguazu National Park. It was a 30-45 minute drive. Coincidently, I was sitting next to one of the staff from the park. On our way, she guided me on what to see and where to get the best view of the falls I must say it was very helpful guidance.

Upon arrival at the park, I rush to the ticket counter to buy my ticket. Thank God that day there was no queue and I got the ticket quickly and proceed to the entrance gate. After crossing the gate, there are two options either you can take the tour guide, or you can explore the park on your own. I prefer exploring the park on my own, so I grab the park map from the visitor information desk and start walking towards the lower circuit.

The lower circuit is around a 1.7 km long walkway going through the forest area with the most spectacular view of Dos Hermanas, Chico and Ramírez Waterfalls. It is a pretty steady walkway having a few staircases but with no difficulties. This trail has many viewpoints where I couldn’t stop myself to spend little extra time to capture the beauty of the Iguazu Falls in my camera.

I must say all the viewpoints have a breathtaking view of the falls. After walking for an hour, going till the end of the circuit I found myself under the Bosetii Waterfall, which is amazingly stunning. The sound of the falls, the water splashing on my face and the breeze touch my body was simply an amazing feeling. While exploring the surrounding, I took some good shots of the Iguazu Falls from many different angles.

Bosetti Waterfall is also a place where you can take a boat ride to San Martin Island to witness the falls from a very close distance. As I was having only a day and unfortunately didn’t carry any extra pair of clothes, so I decided to skip the boat ride and continue walking towards the upper circuit.

The upper circuit is around 2 km long trail where I saw the panoramic view of the Iguazu falls from the top. While walking on this trail I got lucky to saw much wildlife. These trails also have few viewpoints from where I got the best view of the falls.

Normally, the estimated time to complete both the circuits are 3 to 4 hours, but I took over 5 hours. I have to say that, it is very difficult for a nature lover and a landscape photographer to complete the Iguazu National Park in one day because you will find yourselves very close to nature that you might want to just sit, relax, and admire the beauty of Iguazu Falls and you wanted to click as many shots as you can. Believe me, this place has that magic to hold you that you don’t want to leave.

I still remember when I was coming from the lower circuit to connect the upper circuit there was a small section on the footbridge one wooden bench was kept. I sat there for over 30 mins just watching the falls, enjoying the melody of the falling water, and the cool breeze touching my soul took me to the deep meditation, it was truly magical. I felt so amazing and fresh which is very difficult to express in just words.

I was so lost in nature that, I completely forgot to take my lunch. I checked my watch it was 1430hr and already running short of time to see the Devil’s Throat as this trail closes by 1730hr and I don’t want to miss the Devil’s Throat because the park staff whom I met in the morning bus suggested me to must visit the Devil’s Throat.

To reach there I have to take the train. So, I started walking towards the Jungle Train Station to catch the train for the Devils Throat. Luckily I found the café close to the train station so, I quickly takeaway a pack of chips, a sandwich and a bottle of water and boarded my train. It was a 10-15 mins journey and I was enjoying my first meal on the wheels. Heheheh!!!

La Garganta del Diablo (the Devil’s Throat) is around 1km long footbridge passes through the forest and over the river Iguazu. While crossing the footbridge I again blessed with the amazing wildlife and saw one particular species of bird which found only in South America mainly in Argentina (Macuco & Toucan)

Upon reaching the edge of the main viewpoint, I realize why it is named after Devil’s Throat? I witness the most stunning view of the massive Iguazu Falls. It is so huge and giant where I felt the power and the force of the Iguazu Falls. It was a truly breathtaking experience. As I reached the spot during the evening time so I got a chance the see rainbow which was like an icing on the cake and adding the beauty of the Iguazu Falls.

After spending over 20 mins, admiring nature, it’s time to return to the train station to catch the last train. Although I was unable to cover every corner of the park in just one day. But I can say, I utilized my time well to see and the best of the park from my perspective and spent one of the best days of my life close to nature in Iguazu National Park.

It’s time to say goodbye to Iguazu National Park. Departures are always a difficult part for me especially when my soul is not completely satisfied. But the journey has to continue and I was departing with a view which shows that God resides between all the elements of the Earth, Water, Mountain, and Sky!!!

Feel the feel to discover yourself It was a wonderful day at Iguazu Falls!!! With all the amazing memories of the park and hundreds of pictures are enough to cherish me forever and ever.

Helpful tips: –

Drink lots of water while walking in the park, keep some energy bars in your backpack, dress up in comfortable clothing, wear proper hiking shoes, sunglass is highly recommended and most importantly keep two days for Iguazu Falls in your itinerary.

If you enjoy reading my journey, please leave your comment. 

Keep Exploring the world!!!

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  1. amazing sagar. you are living life to the fullest by exploring all the natural wonders of the world. enjoying seeing all these exotic places thru your lenses n comments.

    • Wow!!! Thanks for reading my ravel stories and giving me motivation to share more. I am so happy that you liked my photographs as well. Keep supporting thanks. Takecare and Stayblessed.

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