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Kayaking in The Seventh Continent.

Antarctica is a reservoir of the world’s 90% freshwater and 70% freshwater ice of our Planet and to paddle on the fresh freezing water is world’s awesome feeling.

Kayaking in Antarctica is the best ways to feel Antarctica. While paddling you get closer to icebergs, get a chance to touch the water, feel the wildlife closely and if you are lucky enough you might see the penguins following your kayak swimming around you which are not possible to experience when you are on the ship.

Trust me, you will witness the best of nature while paddling in Antarctica!!!

Kayaking in Antarctica is one of the most expensive adventure, some expedition company includes this activity in their package cost, while in some it is optional, and you can choose by paying an additional cost of around 800 euro to 900 euro depends on which expedition company you choose. I did with Oceanwide Expedition (Basecamp Package).

If you like to experience all the possible adventure in Antarctica than I would highly recommend you check Oceanwide Expedition Basecamp Package. This package will give you an opportunity to experience many different activities such as Camping, Kayaking, Mountaineering, Snowshoeing, Photography tour and many more at a relatively affordable cost with a high-quality experience.

My Experience!!!

One calm morning in Cuverville, the wind was blowing under 15knots, water was still, good daylight, a perfect condition for Kayaking. We were so excited to paddle in Cuverville, as it is one of the largest rookeries of Gentoo Penguins in all Antarctica Peninsula and have many different shapes and sizes of icebergs close to the Island. 

PC Esther Kokmeijer

Twenty adventurer’s soul were ready for their first kayaking experience of the season. We all were very excited. Our Kayaking leader Ms. Fran briefed us about some tricks and tips on how to kayak in Antarctica.

There are two different types of Kayak’s were available one with a single paddle and other is with a double paddle.

PC Esther Kokmeijer

Kayaking needs a reasonable amount of fitness level, and if you are not experienced enough and not fit for paddle single kayak, then I would highly recommend going for the double kayak. It is always good to work as a team. I opt for a double kayak. Me and Neil (My cabin mate) were ready to put our kayak into the Antarctic water for the first time.

With our experienced zodiac driver, we reached to the Cuverville, in just 10 mins. Upon arrival, to the spot, the next job was to shift from the zodiac to Kayaks with our respective teammate. With the help of our Kayaking leader Ms. Fran, we all made it in no times.

Wow!!! I touched Antarctica water for the first time!!! What an awesome feeling that was!!!

Cuverville, is filled with many icebergs and in the good daylight, the shades of blues in the ice were just breathtaking, coupled with a myriad of different shapes and sizes, it was undeniably a visual smorgasbord for the lover of Ice!!!

I must say “Nature at its best” and it appears that, somebody carved those icebergs with dedication and perfection and placed it over the surface of water. Cuverville was truly a paradise, we have seen many different shapes and sizes of icebergs, some were tall and steady while some were floating on the water. I can say that I have seen Antarctica so closely while paddling.

Our Kayak leader Ms. Fran is such a beautiful heart, she allows us to paddle further to the west side of the island where we saw some really dramatic icebergs, one with a huge arch, look rather perilous so we didn’t get too close just admired from the far.

Few little Gentoo penguins were swimming with us and out of curiosity, they kept jumping around our kayaks, such an amazing feeling!!!

The water was so pure and calm, that the mirror reflection of glaciers and mountains was just breathtaking. “It looks nothing but some fairy tale story”  

It was so surreal, that I and Neil were lost in nature and stopped paddling for a while. I closed my eyes and did a few minutes of meditation while Neil keeps looking at nature and he took some awesome shots of those dramatical icebergs.

We all were so lost in nature and enjoying kayaking too much that most of us didn’t even bother that, their outer layers are actually wet, and we were freezing due to the cold winds, our nose turns red, hands were shaking, and tooth were chattering.

“A funny but most amazing memories”

We all were just admiring the beauty of nature; it was so epic. Most of us had never seen such pure and crystal-clear water in our lives before, we wish we could have spent some more time there to watch God’s most beautiful creation on our planet.

After a great kayaking experience in Antarctica, our leader Ms. Fran ask all of us to return to the zodiac boat, with all the lovely memories of Kayaking, we all were return to our ship.

If you are planning your Antarctica Expedition, I would highly recommend Oceanwide Expedition.

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  1. Amazing experience it would have been… Nicely written.. just takes us along with your journey. Hope you continue writing and letting us know what you are upto these days 😋

    • Thanks a lot for taking out time to read my blog. I am so happy that you loved it. Surely I will try my best to put all my travel journeys in front of you. Thanks Takecare and Stayblessed

  2. That must be a wonderful experience sagar..those ice bergs look so beautiful..as your earlier blogs this one is also fabulous..have read each n every word n so found it very interesting…keep posting…

    • Thank you so much and feeling very positive after receiving comments like this. Thank you so much and keep supporting like this. I highly appreciate. Takecare and Stayblessed

  3. It’s so thrilling to read your experiences. The more I am reading, the more I want to be there and do it myself. You have a fantastic way with words.

    • Wow!!! Comment from you means a lot. I am still working on my grammar. I am so touched with your kind words. Wishing you good luck for Antarctica planning. Hope you will get there soon. Takecare and Stayblessed.

  4. I am not an avid traveller . But i must say after reading your blog i was feeling that i have actually visited that place .
    Good luck sagar keep blogging

  5. Wow Sagar, this post is amazing. Reading your story let us imagine what it might feel like being in the white continent. The pictures of dolphins from so close are amazing. The video let us see the icebergs from up so close… I could almost feel as if I was there. Keep up the good work. Await more of your travel stories.

    • I am so touched with your kind words and feeling so happy that you like the post. Just wanted to update you, that was a Whale in the picture not Dolphin.Takecare and Stayblessed

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