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Polar Plunge in the world’s coldest water-Antarctica.

Antarctica is the coldest place on our Earth. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica is in the range of −93.2 °C (−135.8 °F) to −98 °C (−144.4 °F)

Swimming in Antarctica sounds crazy, Isn’t it? (Definitely crazy)

I never had such kind of a crazy thought of swimming in the coldest water while planning my Antarctica journey, not even I had heard of any such kind of activity called “Polar Plunge” at the time of booking my tour with Oceanwide Expedition through Antarctica Travel

My Experience!!!

PC Esther Kokmeijer

I was on my 5th day in Antarctica Peninsula, and my body slowly started acclimatizing with the weather condition. Also, in the last four days, I had experienced few adventures like Snowshoeing, Mountaineering, Camping & Kayaking, and have seen many amazing landscapes in Antarctica already. 

One thing missing was to take a dip inside the core of Antarctica. (Sounds brave), the only adventure that remains to experience in Antarctica was the most exciting “The Polar Plunge” On day 5th, we have arrived at Cuverville Island & Danco Island as per the scheduled itinerary. Both the islands are known for the largest colony of Gentoo Penguins. 

The first landing place of the day was Cuverville Island where I got a chance to paddle in Antarctica for the first time and experienced the beauty of Antarctica so closely while Kayaking in Cuverville Island. I saw icebergs from a close distance, touched, and feel the pure water of Antarctica. It was an amazing feeling. (In case if you miss my blog here is the link (Kayaking in The Seventh Continent

After exploring Cuverville Island we returned to our ship for lunch. During the lunch suddenly our expedition leader Ms. Lynn announced that our second landing of the day is in Danco Island and those how are interested in doing “Polar Plunge” kindly keep their swimming trunks.

PC Esther Kokmeijer

Polar Plunge, sounds crazy, isn’t it? Even thinking of Polar Plunge gave me goosebumps at that time. I mean who the hell wants to swim in that chilled water. But there were few crazy adventurers are actually preparing themselves for their next adventure. How could I miss out to be among those crazy mad adventurers? so I took my summing trunk as well.

Post lunch once again all of us meet at the gangway and ready for our second zodiac drive to Danco Island. Over the zodiac, we all are encouraging each other about the Polar Plunge. Those who were not interested, they were looking forward to seeing others doing their plunge, while some were very much excited about their own first Polar Plunge.

Upon arriving Danco Island, as usual, we all have started our Island excursion and have seen many adorable Gentoo Penguins. After the Island excursion, we all gather at the shore to do the craziest thing in Antarctica the so-called ” The Polar Plunge”. Around forty brave souls stripped off and steeping towards the chilled water of Antarctica for their heart-taking Polar Plunge. 

PC Esther Kokmeijer

I knew this will not going to be an easy thing, as I had already touched the chilled water of Antarctica that morning while doing my kayaking. I was just thinking of how long could I stay in the water, maybe 10 sec, 30 sec, or a 60 sec? (60 sec was like high hopes, nooooo wayyssss) But I was nervous and a bit excitement (All at the same time) 

On the count of 1,,,,,2,,,,,,3,,,,,,,,, Zooooouuuuuu

PC Esther Kokmeijer

For some of us like me, it was just a quick in and out kind of a plunge while some brave souls seemed to quite enjoy the experience of plunge and swimming in the water and happily giving pose for the photos.

Much respect for those brave souls”    

Gosh, it was a quick in and out of me of less than 30 sec. Even in that my body was completely in the state of the frozen ball, all my body sensation was gone, teeth were shattering, my hand was shaking, and there was completely no sensation on my feet. (Oh God, this one was the real thrill!!!) 

The oceanwide team you guys rocks!!

Thanks to all the fellow travelers those how were watching us from the shore, they were so kind and quickly arrange the towels and helped us in drying off our body. The zodiac was already waiting for those who did the plunge, to take them to our floating home as quickly as possible. 

PC Esther Kokmeijer

Upon arrival, to our floating home I rush to the lobby and grab three cups of my favorite hot chocolate to bring my body temperature down. I still remember that whole night I couldn’t feel any sensation on my feet.

I will never forget the thrilling experience of Polar Plunge in Antarctica for the rest of my life. Whenever I recall that day, still I wonder from where did I got that courage to take a plunge in Antarctica?

Thanks to the Oceanwide for giving me such as amazing memory to cherish forever and ever!!! 

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