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STAY HOME to fight against Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Together we can stop the spread of this deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) from our Planet Earth.

First of all, it is my humble request to everyone to follow all the preventive measures guided by The World Health Organization (WHO) and by the government of your respective countries across the globe. As we all are aware that Coronavirus is spreading very fast and 195 countries are currently affected by this deadly virus. Thousands of deaths were recorded and still counting every day around the globe. 

Is this not a serious concern?

Hell Yes,

There are tons of information available on the internet about this deadly Coronavirus (COVID 19) and its effects on humans. How and where it is originated? How fast the virus is spreading worldwide? Even we have a “Live Coronavirus Tracker” available on the internet to monitor its daily impact. 

But what is not available or have in a limited quantity on the internet or on social media is the motivation, how to fight against this deadly virus? How can we stop the chain so that it will not spread more?

It is annoying to receive many jokes on social media every day about Coronavirus (COVID 19). I urge everyone to please stop this nonsense and have a look at some real heartbreaking images from Italy or China. (People are dying)

The other night I was talking to my friend in Italy, she was sounding very dull and completely broken (mentally and emotionally drained). She said Sagar- “I am in the heart of the HELL” we have no idea what to do? For the last many days we have been seeing the coffins more than anything, and the atmosphere here is very scary. 

She said that in Italy, people are dying in every city and we all are helpless, just praying to GOD and hoping all the things will back to normal soon. We are trying to motivate each other by praying and singing songs from our windows and balcony. Panic everywhere.

I am feeling very sad. This is a very unfortunate situation. “My serious condolences to all those beautiful souls who lost their lives in this deadly Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak. May all the souls rest in peace and God will give the strength to their loved one and their family members. I pray for humanity and the safety of all humankind. I hope this deadly virus will over soon forever”

I urge everyone to please stops sharing jokes and panic messages on social media. If you want to share, then please share your own success story of “Self-Quarantine” Tell the world how successful you are managing things while staying at home, following social distancing and caring for other’s lives too. 

Share your story of being a responsible global citizen. Share your #Stayhome for two weeks’ story, spread the awareness, spread happiness, spread blessing. The world needs it, you needs it, we need it. Upload your happy face pictures, motivate each other in this pandemic situation.

“Stay Home” should be the only mantra for everyone until this situation over. Stay home and spend a good time with your family, do meditation, do exercise, do yoga to improve your respiratory organ, eat healthy food to increase your immunity. 

Just Stay Home and Help Others!!!

“Stay Home” -It could save the lives of others.

Currently, I am in Lagos, Nigeria and here the things just started taking a bad shape when Nigeria confirms a few cases of Coronavirus (COVID 19) recently. Nigeria had seen this kind of panic situation before, during the time of Ebola outbreak nationwide. With past experience, this time the government of Nigeria took proactive steps by closing the borders immediately to control the spread of the virus. 

Not only that within a short span of time many international, local and private schools and universities were closed. The international airport is currently lockdown and restrictions on-road transportation too. All the social gatherings such as Church, Mosque, Public Events, Clubs are closed. Only supermarkets & few restaurants are open and taking all the preventive measures ensuring citizens of their safety.  

How to stop Coronavirus (COVID 19) spread?

Just by doing a simple act of “STAY HOME” Please #Stayathome, Be a responsible citizen. Keep your surroundings clean, wash your hand often, avoid physical gathering. 

Please if you feel worth reading, then let’s remind our people to follow a simple act of #Stayathome by sharing this article with your loved one. 

Take very good precautions, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Take Care & Stay Blessed.


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