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Fly High with Skydive Dubai!!!

Skydiving is one of the most adventurous things to do in life, and if you are in Dubai don’t miss the chance to book your tandem jump with Skydive Dubai.

Skydiving is one of the best ways to witness the most spectacular view of Palm Jumeriah from 13,000 ft above sea level, which will also give you the best bird view of the most amazing archipelago of Dubai city.

Is Skydiving a safe adventure?

Hell, Yes, in this modern-day technology and usage of advance gears, making skydiving is the safest and most popular adventure sport nowadays. Most importantly, in a tandem jump, you are paired with an experienced person who must be having the experience of hundreds of jumps and who is equally concern about your safety too.

Is AED 2000 worth for Skydiving?

Definitely Yes, it’s a lifetime experience and I recommended everyone comfortable with height should try this adventure at least once in his or her lifetime.  

Some Tips:

To avoid any last moment disappointment its highly recommended that you should book your jump in advance (www.skydivedubai.ae) I did mine like three months in advance. This pre-advance booking also motivates you to get in shape before your jump if you are not fit.

As in my case, my BMI was above 30 and not eligible for a tandem jump at that time and these three months pre-advance booking helps me to get in shape.

Please check the Skydive requirements before booking your jump as Skydive Dubai have a very strict BMI policy and they follow the world standard safety measures tool for all their diver’s. Skydive Dubai Requirement 

My Experience!!!

One beautiful morning in Dubai at a sharp 0700hr I reach the diving venue. I was very excited because I knew in the next few hours, my dream of flying like a bird is going to be real. “It was a great feeling”.

Upon reaching the registration desk, they check my BMI and once the scale read below 30, they gave me a wavier form to fill, sign and acknowledge that I understood and agreed with all their conditions. Basically, that form was all about, giving your life away. (Hahaha)

“That day I did the most thrilling signature in my life on that wavier form”. 

Once I am done with the registration procedure now the thrill begins when my instructor Mr. Alex call me and gave a 15 mins of training on few body postures which I have to make at the time of jump and landing, such as; knee band, head straight, cross arms, keep a hand on upright position while jumping off the plan, pull your legs upward while landing and so on…

After the training, all the adventurers with their respective experienced instructors reached the boarding spot to board the plane for their lifetime adventure. All of us look very positive and confident. 

The moment we reach halfway Mr. Alex asks, “Are you feeling nervous?” I smile at him and said “No, not at all, feeling fresh and excited and looking forward to my first jump. He smiled me back and said “I like your passion”

Now, it’s time to jump. We were already at 13,000ft and the instructor asked, “Are you ready for the jump”? I said it loud and clear “let’s jump”. we started crawling towards the door, because of the harness and also I paired with my instructor it was difficult to walk inside the plan.

On the count of 3, we jumped, I must say that jump wasn’t an ordinary one, I jumped into the heaven of my dream. Wow!!! Such a breathtaking feeling and very hard to express in the words. 

The first time when I look down, I saw the most spectacular view of the whole city. My heart was beating fast, my mind was relaxed, and my soul was just enjoying the pure winds at 13,000ft. I feel like a bird in the sky.

Out of the excitement, a few seconds after my jump I opened my mouth and trying to say “huuurrryyy” I didn’t even realize that the pressure of the wind would be very high, and if I open my mouth the air can enter quickly. I must admit, it was getting difficult to close my mouth and take the breath normally again. (Please do not perform this kind of act while skydiving). 

Mr. Alex is such a cool guy and said: “look straight and enjoy the adventure don’t think anything else”.

I recover in no time and started enjoying the view. I must say that time I felt that I got a wing and flying in the sky like a bird. My soul got lost somewhere in the sky, and my eyes were just admiring the most spectacular view of Palm Jumeriah.

Such a cool experience and hard to describe in the words!!! 

After, experiencing the thrill of freefall at over 120mile per hour for 3-5 minutes. Its time for Mr. Alex to open the parachute OMG!!! the moment after he opens the parachute, the bouncing effect of a few seconds in the sky was a breathtaking even till date remembering that moment gives me goosebumps!!! 

While gliding smoothly for some minutes I saw a nice panoramic view of the whole city. Its time for landing and as a part of our training instruction, Mr. Alex reminded me to pull my legs in an upward position to have a safe landing.

Wow!!! that was an amazing experience and thanks to Skydive Dubai for making this adventure more memorable by giving the picture and video of my whole journey in beautifully branded Skydive Dubai Pen drive which I am going to cherish forever.

I highly recommended Skydive Dubai if you are planning for your lifetime adventure.

Important Note: –

Don’t forget to check your Pen drive and be sure that, all the content of your jump is there in it.

Few more Important information: –  

Location: Dubai UAE

Cost: AED 2000

Website: www.skydivedubai.ae

Facebook: facebook.com/SkydiveDXB

Twitter: twitter.com/SkydiveDubai

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you think its worth reading then please leave a comment below. This will motivate me to share more of my travel stories with you all lovely people.

Keep Travelling & Keep Exploring the World….

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  1. All these pictures are amazing and fore spine chilling. I wish you all the best for this journey. You will definitely get more success 😊
    Love and luck to you always 😘

  2. This is a very great motivation. I cant wait to try this out soon. Your style of writing is just wow, makes someone want to experience the whole thing like you did. Well done.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. Comment like this motivate me to put my best experiences in front the world. You should try Skydive you will love it. Thanks a lot. Takecare and Stayblessed

  3. Awww.. you remind me of my skydive experience and I can bet with you that it is defiantly more than once in a lifetime experience.. your pictures are tempting to plan down a dive in Dubai.

    • Yeah sure, Skydive Dubai is the best. Few of friends did in New Zealand and Brazil and after hearing their experiences specially on the photography part everybody says Dubai location is the best.

  4. You sure are a daredevil! this looks like a fun thing to do. It must feel amazing gliding down like a bird from sky.

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